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writer. musician. songwriter. designer. driver. consumer. thinker. solutionist.

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the best part of my day. first, sriracha. second, the big red. #bigbangtheory is legend.

My mother's spiritual gift is encouragement (or quite possibly, stating the obvious).

i'm so leet. i am no longer accepting new connections on linkedin. #1337

ahh the irony is not lost on me. that i must need a screwdriver in order to get to the screwdriver. #paradox #mrmiyagi

hey, was my 3rd grade english teacher wrong? you can't define a word with the same word. and you call that a "word of a the day?"

the most satisfying app i've ever deleted. now i'm off to find another way to be the black sheep of my family.

My current dilemma articulated by Fry.

This is Occupy Thrice. Awaiting for a swan song. #occupythrice

This is how you shoot a wedding. With

Hey looks like this seagull can stand alone.

Break time view.

My new view from work before 7am.

Leaving my mark on PB. A rob and a rebel.

A rebel without a crown.

success! it's all a matter of perspective.

caption (1) heartstring. (2) the only string i can pull is the one on my guitar.

I'm romantic.

hey cutie, i have a very important question for you.

Fire twirler at the bonfire conversation tonight.

Coming home to this and a letter from my grandma is the best way to cure a bad day at work.