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Thanks, Klout. I may have to take my own life.

  • 1974 days ago via site
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Chichester Observer display some of their proudest moments. 'Man Dies In Boating Accident' being one of them.

  • 1979 days ago via site
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I'll wager very few Americans can recite the Declaration of Independence, I think you mean 'Pledge of Allegiance'

  • 1991 days ago via site
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New teamaking facilities reminiscent of breakfast in the 'Granary Room', Travel Lodge, A509 near Kettering

  • 1996 days ago via site
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Summer solstice 20 years ago, KLF style. Looks amazing. Later, that thing was in flames.

  • 1997 days ago via site
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that time already

Today's award for most utterly forlorn-looking Facebook group goes to:

  • 2010 days ago via site
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Ooh, Julian Cope's just made friends with Deacon Blue on Facebook. What can this mean? An archaeological collab?

  • 2012 days ago via site
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Because I'm a complete bastard, he's the 'pro image' guy's other photo. Simply titled 'Rockin and Rollin'.

  • 2013 days ago via site
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Is it illegal to put one of the prospective guitarists on the internet? Sod it. Note 'pro image'.

  • 2013 days ago via site
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Desperate, tear-soaked, pleading email from near-defunct social network of the day:

  • 2016 days ago via site
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I love it when someone takes your photo & it comes out like it was taken somewhere with 85% LSD for atmosphere.

  • 2017 days ago via site
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Loving this 'Acid Hose' photo. From (via )

  • 2047 days ago via site
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Possibly the nerdiest thing I've ever done: stood by the hedge from the first Haloween film.

  • 2047 days ago via site
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Today I went to the Shell Grotto in Cliftonville. It's utterly bizare, and no one has any idea when it was built.

  • 2051 days ago via site
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To get some idea of what is going on in the roysal bedroom right now, let's look at this photo of Will's parents' wedding night:

  • 2051 days ago via site
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Severely underwhelming movie locations #347: The house from Father of the Bride 1 and 2.

  • 2058 days ago via site
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Jack Tweed stands in a derelict farm building in his smart clothes, while Jade looks on from within a mirror. #ok

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