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I just became the mayor of Michelle Obama's farmer's market!

Grand Central this cool morning

Tea Party tee shirt souvenirs greeting visitors to DC at Dulles Airport.

Another funny shot just as Prez Obama moved on #ofaQA

POTUS approaching moments before I shook his hand in the post-#ofaQA scramble (no fist bump)

"You didn't quit when folks slammed doors in your faces..." (pause) .."'Barama who?'" Crowd laughs. #ofaQA

POTUS seems relaxed and fired up, at ease with a friendly audience. He's got his pointer finger workin'. #ofaQA

oui, a bit similar to #SOTU so far. He seems pretty fired up.

POTUS revving up the crowd with a recap of accomplishments, and things ahead (mentions DADT upfront). #ofaQA

President Obama takes the stage:

DNC Chair Kaine:

Awaiting POTUS...

WH still standing after last night's snow dusting.

My dog is extremely jealous that I got this for Christmas.

Just walked the dog in the DC #snowpocalypse -ZOMG YOU CAN BARELY SEE THE GRASS!! WE'RE DOOMED!!

Went to a swearing-in today of the new U.S. Ambassador to the E.U., Bill Kennard. A very smart, sincere guy who will be great at it.

Here's another photo of a faux labcoat-wearing anti-healthcare protester at the #teabachle (AAPS?)

Seeing these AAPS astroturf wackjobs on Rachel reminds I saw them at the #teabachle

#Next4Dobbs. Will greet customers at Wal-Mart with this sign.

AFP-provided sign and list of Congressional offices handed out at #teabachle