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My beautiful grandmother. She's moving into the nursing home soon.

I am kind of enjoying having long hair. When it's clean I feel fabulous.

I don't normally do slacks, but hell, if they make my ass look this good all the time... cc b/c butt

Achievement Unlocked! Keep almost all hair up and out of face with one bobby pin.

Do you ever like, braid a little piece of hair and then it sticks out like an antennae from your head?

Also that awkward moment when your roots are like five inches long.

Oh bby I already have feels for her help help

It turned into me drawing some sort of French regency aristocrat? I don't even know.

Well I mean I think it's cute I don't know

Saved this .gif as "Sexual Sam." Pretty sure it's accurate.

now this is us being adorable

cat stop being adorable

Uh. Hi cat.

My hair is super fluffy and flippy today.

My cat has successfully commandeered one of my hands. How am I supposed to do homework now.

This man is perfect. I can't. help.

Kitties are sharing their bed.

God she is such a beautiful calico.


I mean, I dunno, I see a resemblance.