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Rio is a yellow sided green cheek conure who just loves to hang around upside down

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Reggae groovin

Reggae groovin

yummy #TwitPict

Caught in the act

Caught in the act

It wasn't me that ate all the bread. what's that on my beak did you say? I have no idea what you mean #TwitPict

and here is me with his mom a while ago. I like her normally but felt shy today when I saw her

another pi true OD Oscar with his mom

this was oscar before he got poorly

this is my stocking - I can't wait to hang it again this year

hint hint #TwitPict

my first ever plantain - I totally approve #TwitPict

i hope you like them as much as me

oh i love stuffed animals they are cuddly - particularly my wolves

sit snuggled in their hands for definite it's sooo cosy

I spy with my little eye something beginning with T #TwitPict

hmm what is down here ? #TwitPict

where's my head at ? #TwitPict

ducks are cool - im the duckie wrangler of this joint - they need keeping in check

yummy twister lolly #TwitPict

Claire can't decide if this is nice or cheesy - opinions please? #TwitPict