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Owner of Final Fantasy and More. Currently speed running Crisis Core, Star Ocean 4, and Lost Odyssey.

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So uh... Second completed routing run of FFX-2. One death to Magus Sisters. Yeah...

  • 439 days ago via site
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What game does this split chart remind you of? Hint: It's also a Final Fantasy game. >_>

  • 900 days ago via site
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This is apparently from a major enough winter storm that it needed to be named. Yay #Gandolf?

  • 930 days ago via site
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And this is why Dissidia's RNG = fun. Accidentally fought something I shouldn't have on Floor 5 and still got this

  • 931 days ago via site
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Sub-7 Crisis Core... I did it... D:

  • 1001 days ago via site
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Loving the weather effects in Rohan. :D #lotro

  • 1005 days ago via site
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I think I have a couple green garnets on here... #lotro Finally doing some inventory cleanup before the expansion

  • 1019 days ago via site
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Let it begin... Fyi, it's a tad cold out there... Around freezing. And I have my windows open. :P

  • 1030 days ago via site
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So finally home, picture of my time for my really REALLY rough run of Crisis Core. Hope to improve it tomorrow/Mon

  • 1033 days ago via site
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#FFIII Save screen looks pretty cool :D Break time to work on spreadsheet though.

  • 1037 days ago via site
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Right account, check. This looks so bad YouTube :( Just more dumb changes without fixing real issues I guess...

  • 1041 days ago via site
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#so3 guide? I think you mean Cliff and Nel, not Cliff and Mirage

Probably my favorite part of my current shelf setup is this spot :D

  • 1055 days ago via site
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Maybe I should have checked earlier.... Bleh

See ma, I'm editing! (Or maybe I just have the files inputted but not actually edited... Shhhh)

  • 1062 days ago via site
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Forgot how slot this starts and how much there is to read at the start XD

  • 1064 days ago via site
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:( :( :( :( #lotro I made it so far! :(

  • 1065 days ago via site
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So uh... Found my old doll house downtown... I miss this thing.