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Helloooo. I am the Voice of GIR and Bloaty from Invader ZIM! I also write books and make comics. OH GOD PLEASE BUY THEM: www.tavicat.com. Baroque Punkosian.

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Today I'll be signing with Poop Dawg da Gangsta Clown (Phil LaMarr)! Woo! #SDCC

Help meeeeeeeee ...

When I die, I want my body loaded into a Tillamook van and launched into the sun.

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Fargo's looking a lot better today. Hopefully we can take him home and squeeze him all up.

When my dad used to play Final Fantasy XI with us, he used the name "Reepacheep." That's me as Poosh and my brother Robert as Falar.

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While researching my Lion novel, I holed up with a pride of the fiercest beasts and studied their culture.

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For our Halloween dinner, my dad made rat tartar!

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And her Precious. She glitters and calls to me.

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The stray mother cat, who we have named Gollum. She will kill me one day.

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Her space shooty ship is even awesomer.

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My tiny captain is pretty awesome.

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Yep, yep, yeeeeeeep.

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Good thing I'll be at Comic Con these next few days. It'll give my cat some time to work off his rage without me.

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Today at Anime Expo, I encountered a GIR Fortress.

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As you can see the convention attendees were very friendly to me.

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Drew a new Peter Pan. Will have it up on Etsy when it's painted.

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I drew me a Peter Pan. Painting happens next.

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It's too late for science.

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REMEMBER! Head Bee is the highest position we Bees can obtain!

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This is why Halo is an AWFUL thing.

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