Jess Peddie


Pro retweeter. I like my pease porridge hot.

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Making deep fried oreos. #fatlife


The kid I just saw on is walking down the street.

Who's the dick head. Come on man.

Who's the dick head. Come on man.

Lock screen. I couldn't help myself hahahahaha #bloobitybloobitybloobitybloobity

This is not America.

I hate when I can't take her places. Poor puppy ):

Thanks for keeping me company in the shower Maggggzzzz.

Chillin' wit muh gurl Boobz lololololololol

what texts?

Fucking stupid work.

She's talented.

You've heard of the Bear Jew but have you ever heard of the Clown Jew? :o ;D

What a great way to start my fucking morning. #smd

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