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Heh, I have no idea. It's not like it's a perfect match, it just had that deja-vu click at the time

What can I say? I just have a natural affinity with cats...

What can I say? I just have a natural affinity with cats...

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That’s quite a glowing recommendation. I hope it’s as enjoyable as that Lorem Ipsum book I read a while back.

All you so called players suck. May as well just delete the game at this point…

Courtesy of the NES.

Idly browsing Amazon Kindle books. Also trying to decide which of these two autobiographies has the silliest title.

Oh, that’s the city administration! Here’s the full very-convenient-for-adventurers rule:

In the end, all heroes fall. #cityofheroes #rip

There’s something so Internet about COH players standing proud in the center of their world... staring into an anus.

Last night of City of Heroes.

Yeah, but you never know what’ll come in useful, if only as a review prop.

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Yes. And it forces you into it. Here’s a screen of what you get if you load from Steam:

Fourteen days of research later, Kenway realised every page in the book was identical. Wow, did he feel like an arse.

Put together a quick guide to the characters in Telltale’s “The Walking Dead”. I trust this helps clear everything up.

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for - an actual Thargoid ship. Cloaked.

Pretty cool! And this is what a field of dark matter looks like, at night:

Wait, sorry. The lens cap was on. Here’s the actual picture, showing off the most realistic black hole ever seen:

Awesome. Frontier’s released some actual assets from the new Elite. This is a particularly exciting sector of space: