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Dark elven spellcaster, game writer, designer, paleo and DnD geek. My tweets are fast and furious.

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Testing the Oculus VR glasses. Immerse with a dose of nausea.

Falling in love with the great Mississippi.

The belly of the ship. #USSCairo

Ironclad U.S.S. Cairo. Too cool for words.

Thanks for the warning.#VicksburgMemorialPark

Indeed and he sends you his best.

Dreaming under Walt's Dreaming Tree.#WaltDisney #Marceline

I think I'm watching Stallone performing magic in a pirate costume.


Queen Mary (used to transport troops in WW II) and Russian Scorpion Sub. Former enemies now both retired.

So what does that red button do?

Geeks of the world unite. #JohnWilliams #HollywoodBowl

Crazy cal lady action figure. Feline companions included.

Took this in your honor.

Wish I knew how to change the code to watch the ensuing havoc.

Back at our favorite Dim Sum place in Chinatown. Lines are usually a down the block.

Brilliant assumption that cops don't read graffiti.

In front of the S.S. Jeremy O'Brian, ready to start the Escape from the Haunted Ship #ARG

I would if there was a second disk. Planescape's many ways of tormenting you.

Zombie warning in front of our office. Part of the new Bratt Pitt movie promo.

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