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BREAKING: Most Interesting Man in the World nabbed by Orlando Airport security

These say "Ray" on the side. Think they're Scal's

The Garnetts

Here's a look at the "Rondos"

Celtics have all their sneakers lined up and waiting for them at practice. Must be nice

Was just saying how this would be the perfect game to dust off the old Pistol Pete Celtics jersey

Midwest translations: soda = pop, sneakers = tennis shoes, lighter = ... ??

The Drew Bledsoe plaque at Nike Town gets me everytime #standtall

Interesting looking bird food at Petco. Wings are clipped, but they'll still be flying

Why mix words? "Restroom" is played out, anyways

Couldn't be more sick of seeing this guy's face on TV. OK, you're loaded. Now leave me alone

"I'm Leon Powe, and I approve this message."

Cleveland fans will be wearing this little number tonight. It made me think abt Bryan Adams. Which in turn made me angry

The elbow... It works!! (OMG)

No, not yellow t-shirts... More empty seats

I call this photo "Slab of Beef: The Playoff Edition"

"Honey, Timmy just cracked his head on the side of the pool! Quick, get my gun!!"

Aw man... Do I have to?


We're splitting a cab with this guy

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