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Rex Chapman is a Kentucky homebred. The original #3. Basketballer and thoroughbred enthusiast. visit -

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Here @ ASU/USC game w my dude, Santa Clara scrub, Nrbie Naishety. #decntplyr

Just walked by & caught a whiff of these 10-yr old bad-boys. Let's just say "interesting". #HOLYMOLY

Really? The "Let's match on the elliptical 2day, Hun!"? ...I wan2 barf. ...Btw, he's rockin capri's.

My dude Joe Klein=40-stitches fr KMalone cheap-shot 'bow. Me=frctred orbital bone collision w JRider

Oh yeah. Next-up "Guess the kid from the Ville?" ": Not "Guess the Curl?" Wow!"

This "Guess the Curl" was apparently tougher than I thought it'd be. No winners. It's Vol DYRON NIX.

Let's play: GUESS THE JHERI CURL? To whom does this juicy-activator-head belong? #sexualchocolate

Frosh left sr right. We lose in OT. IU goes on to win it all. #longago

Literally rollin' w my dudes Kid & Play. Day off in NYC @ studios w YO! MTV Raps Lover & Ed. #myguys

Can't remember which... this is either spring-break Daytona Beach '87 or Panama City '89. #WILD

I suppose this means, "Be the hammer & not the nail.". Not really sure tho. Looks cool regardless.

Definitely how I feel at this age. Gettin' old ain't 4 pu%%ies.

Reminds me of the vet-athlete practice-adage: "They can work me long, but they can't work me hard."

Not as subtle as they used to be. Still like it.

My boy hooked me up. Diggin' some of the script on these Tee's.

Just noticed this. Street on which son & his mates live.

Thanks 4 the visit & hospitality, Case! The farm - Three-Chimney's - is as beautiful as ever. #class

Fo yo gal, . #gotyou

Haven't had Tolly-Ho in waaaaaaay 2 long. ...Coulda done without the Nit-Wit-Scat-'Catter, tho.

A buddy just found this'un & fwded it 2 me. Alas, "young-legs". Father-Time = MF'er. Bastard.