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Creative Lead of Tearaway at Media Molecule. Creator of visual playfulness for LittleBigPlanet 1 & 2 and various other silly bobbins. BAFTA Breakthrough Brit.

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Door-In-A-Wall winners-pint (and medals!)

Yes! Willows Songs get! Thanks (the Wicker Man OST was my main listening material while making Tearaway)

Wearing my new pinny

Powerful medical advertising:

My morning brightened by finding this Tearaway fanart done by an attendee during my talk yesterday:

Animal Crossing: Diversity in development team, created diverse content for a diverse audience (7.38 million)

Anyone up for some multiplayer GOLDENEYE?

Failing off the wagon with this ridiculousness that had to be sampled:

Just noticed this ‘pattern’ on my iPad - you can tell I’ve been playing a lot of Threes. Perfect puzzle design.

sending you some candlelit Queso

Just did the weirdest bit of live TV animation for #ps4 launch, fun times.


Who needs furniture anyway?

come to London and you can eat beef-candles (not a euphemism)

and I found this one I did recently, in a more detailed sketchy style :)

I did a few skull doodles, this was my favourite of the bolder ones..

30 second iPad doodle on todays videogame industry news:

Last shot of vitamin shots.

Tonight my dinner date is with Ronald Reagan:

no, this is your card:

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