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#NOLA streetcars show how pleasant and affordable car-free transit can be. Related study:

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Not New York gas prices here (near Vesuvius, Va....

Fun moment from last weekend's Beacon Comedy Research Group gig by & Jokes and trims.

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Florida vote count in total tie for moment (via ). Plenty still to count.

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Waiting-game commentary on cable brings to mind mutual gagging scene in "21 Jump Street."

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My 2000th post, day before blog's 5th anniversary. Feedback welcome.

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All for strong , but still weird to see this ad on .

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Lamprey on the menu in Lisbon? Maybe Great Lakes folk should follow suit. We stuck with grilled sardines.

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Hey , now I see why you guys don't want to move! My shelves aren't so great but I like contents.

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Things that make you go "What the...??" (Decaf 5-hour energy boost)

I left the frozen Hudson Valley for Phoenix - and ice-covered fountains? #ASU

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BP forecast for energy demand & co2 emissions shows big rises through 2030

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In Tucson 7/09, Giffords picketer holds up Cap'n'Traitor skull-bones sign. Not so funny now. Vid:

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A satellite image of the vast Petermann Glacier iceberg, the largest in the Arctic since 1962 (Via Jason Box of Ohio State University).

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Male Atlantic sturgeon, nearly 7 feet long, netted in Hudson. Signs of slow recovery after huge losses. #green

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