Better known as @PantherDRR. The only thing I like more than racecars are volcanoes.

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The ticket office gets offended if you call the Lights race the "Suck Up 100." It's pronounced "Sookup" #fyi

Tearjerker text from my cancer-ass-kicking dad - looks like we have to get a win this weekend

After Detroit...coming home from Milwaukee...and now on the way to Iowa. Feeling like it's good luck :)

": Pics." As you wish...

Do you know how long it takes 2,024 tix to come out of a machine at Dave & Buster's? A long freakin' time. #jackpot

Ridiculous storm along 65. Lightning like crazy.

Road trip home #ohmygodadoublerainbow #seriously

The most badass drink machine I've ever seen...touch screen soda fountain. Ridiculous.

I'd say we made it to Milwaukee a little early

A beautiful Westfield summer evening

I've threatened to do it for a long time, now it's happened...pool party at my place!

Goodnight TMS...see you tomorrow afternoon!

View from hospitality at TMS #nevergoingtotheinfield

Visiting at work...good idea #streetlegal

Rainbow over pit lane after the race

Pit road banners are liars.

Best beer name ever! #MooseDrool

I was absolutely not taking pictures of this racecar. Oh, wait...

I present to you a view that makes Detroit look pretty...

Lexington enjoying a little post-race beverage #celebrations