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Liberal atheist feminist geek. Work at QMUL. I'd like to do more knitting and less TV-gazing. On occasion, I wear non-black clothes.

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Abbie's first photo. It's of her feet. She is delighted. #fb

Millie playing with DINOSAUR SNOT, provided by the incomparable

no, the winner's the _sexiest_ keyboard...

I treated myself to a shellac nail polish at Reflections beauty salon in #Romford today. Shiny!

En route to the zoo - and the girls have already flaked out! Bless :) #fb

WOW! Beautiful birthday bouquet from and ! This is a lovely surprise :o) Thanks guys!

I doubt you can tell from this photo, but trust me - I am eating a GLITTERY CUPCAKE.


Et voila!

The boring bit: but at least I have tea.

My lovely new and oh so subtle iPhone case. Only 99p! Thanks for the tip.

I told the baby needs a wash. He misinterpreted.

New sign at the #Romford station coffee stand - appropriate cos the barista is the happiest I've met! #fb

This is it. What the actual, screaming, free-falling fuck? #fb


Morning! #fb

Pink&white bib says "DIVA", blue&red one says "MACHO". You're never too young for gender stereotyping!

The finished product! Betsy the Robot, full name Betsy Chocolate-Bicycle.

Millie building a robot from recycled rubbish at #Romford Central Library #fb

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