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A semi-representational drawing of a certain dark-haired, aspiring bellydancer I know. :) Hope you like!

  • 1210 days ago via site
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Fixed! Plus, I have candles once again! Water witch powers- ACTIVATE! ^_^

  • 1210 days ago via site
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Now, folks can add items from ANY WEBSITE to their Amazon Wish Lists!! ^_^ Wahoo!! Do you wish for any AV goodies?

  • 1309 days ago via site
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The goblin & the Santa will be up soon; but for now I HAD to show you the Moon Goddess piece. ^_^ I hope you like!

  • 1334 days ago via site
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Lacquered Santa!

  • 1336 days ago via site
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I still can't find my SA camera, but here's a pic of the lacquered Blilgrith for now:

  • 1336 days ago via site
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Meet Blilgrith! Matchsticks in his head for support, patiently waiting on his cookie sheet to be bake-ified. :D

  • 1337 days ago via site
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Also, got a request for #cat invulnerable #ornaments. These 3D guys should do the trick, & be great for #visuallyimpaired / #blind folks too, don't you think?

  • 1337 days ago via site
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Cuddle pile! (Ouna and Skye, warming themselves together in the sun. ^_^)

  • 1338 days ago via site
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My fave 2010 pumpkin thus far- my "Goddess" pumpkin: Made from a twist on a pattern from :)

  • 1353 days ago via site
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Booga-booga! I -am- a Halloweenie! *giggles* Here's what you get when you're in a car, in costume, and bored. ;D

  • 1366 days ago via site
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The Late Mr. Roma Tomato, now resting happily in my wee little stomach. ;) Let's hope the other fruits ripen soon!

  • 1381 days ago via site
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Bubbles, Meet Ouna. Ouna, EAT BUBBLES! ^_^

  • 1410 days ago via site
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Feline Slaughters Plasti-Bubbles. New at 11.
(Look, she has one on 'er paw!! ^_^)

  • 1410 days ago via site
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needs a wire jig for shaping earrings and stoof. Someone (who shall go unnamed) suuuuucks at freehand wire sculpting..!

  • 1423 days ago via site
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And look what we have here! Why Roma the tomato seems to be not only blooming too, but fruiting as well!! ^_^

  • 1428 days ago via site
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And good news! There are more little baby veggies on the way!! Ruby's not finished yet!!

  • 1428 days ago via site
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Gnomish bride final sans color. With, she'll have autumn-hued wings, ruddy brown skin, & a dust-bunny bouquet. :)

  • 1468 days ago via site
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While out w/a friend, this poignant message came my way. I -love- it..! I wanna posterize it, & make it my mantra!

  • 1469 days ago via site
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I love playing w/the Dragulator. :D I wanna make some of a bunch of my friends. ^_^

  • 1619 days ago via site
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