Damn your lettuce!

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What's a girl to do after a particularly long day? Buy something of course! New video card acquired :D

Happy Wednesday Coffee Morning! :D


It better be or I'm coming after you fortune cookie writer!

Happy coffee morrrrrrning! :D

Last night during Fringe when your clock was chiming Tali was super concerned about the noise lol x)


But lookit what I found today, so excited :D

May be stuck at work today but I'm rocking it in my sentinel shirt and N7 hoodie in honor of #N7Day13 :D

This was necessary this morning.

My fortune today....adding the good old "in bed" to this adds promise. Hahah. XP

Think someone at work had too much time on their hands with my paper clips recently lol

Aww that's awesome! Yep, this is my little Tali Cat :)

Good morning!

My xbox 360 games & my ps3 games. Lol x)

In just a few short days I won't have to deal with this anymore... SO excited :D

It's not the prettiest but it was food. Though looking back Im thinking it was a bit much now lol

Isn't the prettiest but its good!

Good coffee morning! :)

Saved these for the premiere of #SleepyHollow :D