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man child-wonder kid-cheeky face-chrome dome-baby boy brainiac-cerebral cutiepie-chubby hubby charlie.i spend most of my time inside my head.

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My brotha from another motha! Haha! ;p #jellybellybaby

It's fridatey-watey ! Yey! Happy weekend everyone! ; )

Happy Thursdatey-watey my baby ! You're too skinny, Ill get you some meat into those bones! ;p

Got surprised by this little furball sitting on my bed. I don't know who he is & whose is he. Super cute nonetheless. ;p

My forever honeypie at the Agency Idol 2012! ; )

I'm officially a Brony! , your baby boy is totally hooked on My Little Pony: FIM. Haha! ;p #bronies

An afternoon Taho and a rainbow. Couldn't get better than this. Got the message Lord. Thank you!; ) #soothemywearysoul

Wednesdate with my favorite panganay at the Chicken Rice Shop! Hi ,Happy MEC 2 years to you two!;p

Wednesdate with my favorite panganay at the Chicken Rice Shop! Hi ,Happy MEC 2 years to you two! ;p

And...If I am Charlie Mcgee, you would be Dylan from Charlie's Angels or... Sugar from Batman Forever.Haha!;p

Dug up my Drew book. since you said we share the same temper,I present to you Charlie Mcgee, The Firestarter!

Happy Saturdatey-watey! Here's with his pretend fruit smoothie on our 2 day fixation for Xocolat. Haha! ;p

No matter how many times I've seen it, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance is always deliciously wicked. #vigilantejustice

Resistance was futile.I was outnumbered, 6 vs me.Meet my new desk buddies, Robot Matryoshka Madness! #automatonaddiction

Happy Halloween-sdate + James Bond-ing ! Bwah-ah-ah-ah! ;p

The closest I could get to celebrating Halloween at the office. Hahahappy Halloween! ;)

Thursdatey-watey with my baby ! Happy that you're no longer sicky! ; )

Work really gets in the way.We could have danced all night !Anyway, congratulations,Travel beckons you! ; )

Weeeeeekend Staycation starts now! Room upgraded yey! ; )

Weeee! It's a Puccini Fridatey-watey! ; )