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Im an ordinary dude who just happens to play by my own rules. I do wat I wanna do, move how I wanna move. I might speak but I only fucks with a hand full. -RJC

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Oh sh*t Cinnabon done came out wit a cereal #niggaholiday, #fatboytweet

Look at what da lil sister made for me. Almost made me forger how bad she is!

Subway really coulda did a betta job. Can't complain bout free food tho.

Mama loved her gift. Thanks fo the help wit it. She asked bout you and said "tell keish I love and miss her, she betta come see me soon"

Why me and was cleaning da crib (for once) and found dis? Sad part we don't know who they belong too. #shonemoment

Feelin the Charlotte skyline or the part I could see

Only at a hbcu graduation will u see dis. Home girl look like a walkin marijuana plant

Why upstate got a blueberry/chocolate chip muffin? This is so nasty, what was #USCUpstate thinkin?

#welcometocollege where ppl come and try to learn how to drink, ending up lookin like dis sssssjjsjjsjsjsjsjjsjsjKskKKKKkKzkKKKKkzkKKKzkKKkKKK

#twiggas is it me? Or is this the slackest ass you Eva seen in a pair of gouchoos or howeva you spell the name. #directturnoff #hositdown

Will the real slim-shady please stand up!

man they was on point and the store number was in big bold font on the top of my receipt so what not. Lol

check dis pic out and go hang yo tall ass on a Christmas tree #olecandycaneassnigga jk. Just had to get u back do dat monkey boy talk

Just leavin the beach. Check out this guy in a tree. What can I say, I have ape tendacies. #1906 #APhiA #apeshit

just for you, "Pokin Beans". Lmao we ended up goin to North Miami again. Haha

Chillin out under the low palms.

Ahh Krystals!!!! SC need to get on and the Lil one in Gaffney don't count. Lol

I've heard of being in the Easter spirit but damn not yo car! #cmonson #dobetta. Car lookin like it need to be in a basket

Im thinkin I want some new pics. Time to holla at . Word. Check my boy out he supa tight

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