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This is the best photo of Romain Grosjean that I have seen so far this week.

CAN'T TALK, HEART EXPLODING #goodbyecruelworld #hisfacetho

Ordered this just because. Hope I got the bloody size right :S

AKA all the Models Own polishes that I do not yet own.

I found a picture of Red Bull Racing's garage RIGHT NOW #F1

Has anyone else done this yet? #F1

Something tells me that Daniel Ricciardo was "that kid" when he was at school.

Warning: wearing your cap like this does not make you look cool. You just look silly.

1912? I don't think so somehow, iTunes.

I'm assuming the lack of apostrophes in this post is deliberate or something.

Insert old pen drive thing into laptop, find this. WHY. W H Y.

this is/these are their excuse(s) this time. It's almost laughable.

Dude. Did you even READ what you wrote?

Rick, shut up. And I have a lot of feelings, as you can probably tell.

do you mean regular post on the dashboard? Because this is all I see. NO REPLY BUTTON :'(

have an ill-fitting onesie Romain, the best kind of Romain #sharingiscaring

This might just be my new favourite photo of anyone/anything ever.

Maybe it's because I'm tired/ill/grumpy but I don't find stuff like this cute or amusing at all.

Get up to have morning shower, pick up shampoo (not needed) instead of shower gel.

The file name tells you all you need to know.