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Lllloll this night is amazing. I just drank a bottle of moscato and this jus happened

Started from the bottom now we hyuh

And after that release.. Im fleeing!

Tekken side of WNF is poppin tonight ... Glad I drove here.. #sarcasm

Book of Mormon tonight! Know nothing about it except that its from creators of South Park so I hope its good

Gah damn my heart rate goes crazy with this game. I love #SuperHexagon

Didnt stream it, but heeelllll yessss - beat it! #superhexagon

boOm im not a good photographer

Hate impulse buying... But I Wanted this stick too much :D #Tekken #<3

Streaming and ranking up all day tomorrow! I <3 -

Wow had no idea Sega Genesis was still for sale

Finally have it in my hands and it looks SO good in print! Killer Instinct Ultra Fanbook! Enter to win, next tweet

Oo ps4 swag

The perfect angle, to not be able to watch tv from the couch OR bed...

Execution holding you back? Get prohands!

Saw Carmen at LA Opera tonight. Operas should be in english! Had macaroons from BL too!

Voted best shakes in America by USA Today. I got the Nutella shake!

Life comes at you fast. Be ready to act, and act quick. #ScorpionKnows

Whoa.. Chips based on the tacos based on the chips?!

Holy crap, had pain in big toe since Thursday. Saw black spot there, thought it was dried blood.. til I pulled it out..