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Just submitted Reeder 3.0.3 for iPhone. Together with 3.0.2 this should address most of the issues people had with v3.

Ok, feedback was quite clear on this one. Just waiting for Apple to approve 3.0.2 so I can submit 3.0.3.

Just submitted Reeder for iPhone 3.0.2. If you still miss the old v2, you should give this a try once it's available.

Ok, that was fast. Reeder 3.0.1 for iPhone just got approved, should be available shortly.

Just submitted Reeder 3.0.1 for iPhone which should address a couple of issues.

Done! Using a two-finger swipe gesture to mark items as read above or below is the last feature which made it into 3.0

It just looked horrible in Chrome (13.0.782.20 dev) and I didn't have the time to look into it...

For those asking how to get the classic / three-pane layout in Reeder for Mac, try this button:

Minimized layout:

Minimized layout:

Appearance settings:

Appearance settings:

Appearance settings:

Submitted Reeder for iPhone 2.3.1 and Reeder for iPad 1.4.1

Reeder for iPad 1.4 is out.

Reeder for iPhone 2.3 just got approved, should be available shortly.