Tech & bike fiend. I drink a lot. And swear. Don't take this shit seriously or I will cut you. (Bonus inanity, outrage, and back-channel chatter at @redrummee.)

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Gee, your teeth whitening treatment looks so… Wait, let me adjust for color levels by matching the gums… Riiight.

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Especially when "easily obtained materials" is such a nice turn of phrase…

Apparently 's April 1 prank is that we don't exist. Is there an award for Most Popular Unreliable Service?

Example: Raspberry, Northwood to Minnesota, ped/bike completely buried by snow pushed from road.

Truthiness – On Time Management (or, "My Saturday In A Venn Diagram"):

Dear Twitter: THIS is how you do a tribute avatar while retaining your identity. I give you… :

My REI dividend is always pitifully small 'cuz I'm a clearance whore. Wait, that didn't come out right.

Did you hear the one about Clifford and the Red Rocket? Bad dog, Clifford, bad dog.

Need a job? PM me or add me on Skype! Maybe I can help you! *wink* It's not as a drug mule, or anything! *wink*

Well THAT's not suggestive at all. Points for anyone who can identify the bottle.

Cheers, darlings. *clink*

Too witchy? Dunno, I never said I was good at this.

Uh, no thanks.

Twitter. "Twitter" is the #1 thing you can prepend "-holic" to my activities today. Also, here's a paraplegic pig:

SOMEone is thirsty. A guy's gotta hydrate after peeing on ALL THE THINGS. "Here I come to save the day!" #puppyporn

Can someone caption this for me? I'm too busy crying.


Shenanigans. (blame )

Free cat: Cute, sweet, fucking insane, suspected terrorist, possibly an alien.