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Cats choose the most comfortable positions/places to sleep. #catsareweird

this is my game bookshelf except my candy lands (my fav board game) are in my bedroom!

When mom gets a shirt she doesn't like fit of I inherit it. Not a bad deal at all!

This is giving even me the skin crawlies. Some sort of egg nest protector on stamps and a velcro strip.

Why yes I do find ways to waste time while laying lids (used as food dishes) out to dry......


Breaking News: My new glasses contain the color pink! #NessaNeverWearsPink

Lizard being a dick. Waiting for my hand to get close so she can bite it. #meanlizard

It's only swollen a little bit and it only still stings a bit and has its own heartbeat. Actually not that bad.

otsego chubby baby, no real difference!

Laziness trumps their dislike for one another.

This is what happens when I let Rich tell me when things are even. HOW ARE THEY EVEN?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM?!


Finished my dress and not letting the lack of sunshine stop me from wearing it.

Finished my dress. Very not my usual style but I love it!

I've found pucks are good weights to use while sewing. Just don't drop one on your bare foot, OW!

She is all purrs, Rich is all expletives. Apparently cat on lap isn't ideal for gaming! xD

My sea otter kitty. She's not fond of when you put things on her chest though.

I went to craft store for paint, I left with paint and another rubber ducky! At least pirate has a mummy friend now!

Every room, every door, every corner gets its own cinnamon line