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I love shopping clearance at Target. My new $10 dress!

I'm being smothered and poked!

Got the spider and put him in tree outside

My ceiling has a new inhabitant.

At the old globe to see Allegiance

Just another day at work. Random dropped tail found among stuff.

Just found this dried up spider(?) in my bed when I was fixing the sheets before crawling in.

The black night rises

my hair is a bit big/long for it though. Haha

And this is how I got the life crushed out of my while lounging like a cat. It's been nice knowing you all.

Not sure I pull it off as well as the cats do but I'm trying. (Also my carpet smells!)

I wish I could be like a house cat today

Yup! Delicious!

Everything pretzel crisps and avocado for dinner.

Grown up juice boxes!

Just found this dead baby lizard in my apartment. This is because maintenance took off my door sweep! Idiots!

My brother got some green beans, just a few, send me recipes!!

Rich sent me to the store with a list on one of his post it notes....

So I think I get why I keep getting bees in my hair, it's so BRIGHT in the summer sun!!!

Should my bee sting look like this 9 days later?! I won't tell you the nightmare I had about it.