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Question as I lay in bed contemplating getting up, do I change my shirt or wear the same one for the 3rd day?

Kitty happy with her chipotle bag and catnip toy

"Wild" chameleon "visiting" his captive "friend". (Yeah they don't get along, captive guy is protecting his woman!)

this is below anubis. My "religious" section.

These are the "flowers" I picked for myself. Maybe I should let my bro always pick flowers for me.

Rich holding our veggies from the farmers market! PS we're 12!

Took a stop by the ocean to see my bro at the Solana Beach farmers market. It's pretty here.

Our resident "wild" chameleon doesn't like his picture taken.

I have a bundled up kitty on my lap!

Rich on my fortune "yeah it's called invading my bubble!" hehe

Why are all my pants falling apart! Stupid pants!

And today I have a brown widow in my work space! I think we have a problem developing.

It seems the blanket has grown some fuzzy feet.

Laundry time, dinner time, and a sparse fridge don't make a good combo. These are good pants to go get food in yes?!

Black widow invading my work space!

kitty says hi! (More like why are you disturbing my sleep!) ;)

Rich won't touch my veiny hand! So I stand in front of him playing with my veins. He's not amused!