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It's taken me until Feb. 25, 2013 to write this thing. Ready? Well, there you go. That's it.

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and there was also a llama. Because why not.

I shot a music video on a farm, and met an awesome goat.

Hey, think you can come up with a new name for my old girl?

If New Zealand ever hosts this Olympics, this guy must be the final torch bearer.

Any time in August, or any weekend. I have popcorn. A lot of it. I have to get rid of some of it.

Finally bought it:

Well, goddammit. If my Internet is this fast, why the hell can't I watch YouTube in HD?!

You will be monitored:

Watching The Mask of Zorro, and in the back of a shot, I see this. Yep, that's an airplane vapor trail.

Then you’d love the weather in Toronto right now.

If you search for my local library on Google, a picture of you comes up, and I have no idea why:

This render is going well. I was playing Dear Esther, and got an idea.

Not true. Call of Duty: Finest Hour had a female playable character.

Xbox ONE is a terrible name. I have 2 Xbox 1's. They're in a box, in my closet.

White robes!

With some movie magic, I got a tank on a downtown Toronto street.

I think I found the greatest thing ever at Dollarama. Didn't buy it though. Maybe I will tomorrow.

Laser pigeon, now with lens flare.

Also, hard drive from netbook got pulled. I opened it up.

Also, hard drive from netbook got pulled. I opened it up.

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