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@wired @gadgetlab staff writer. Nerd. Engineer. Interested in tech, apps, scifi, startups, DIY, robotics, science and general awesomeness. Queen ginger of tech.

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Checking out Twitpic's new app with an empty bottle of cola.

I found the cutest dog at brunch! It matches my hair

Facebook sent me an email to remind me about the notifications I don't get emailed about anymore.

... There is a Facebook feed next to my Facebook feed. This is the lamest kind of inception ever.

Pineapple upside down cake and The Smiths

I'm in Vegas, watching #StarWars. #ImANerd

Yes, yes I do.

Super comfortable, effective mouse pad: a neoprene laptop case. Check it:

This is an ice sculpture of Steve Jobs, and you can take a shot from his hand. #wwdc

Christina Bonnington, lover of robots. #robohug

I'm at #makerfaire!

Oh my god our dinner is alive. Live uni. "It'll die eventually."

Going through old photos, I found the original sunglasses mug shot.

Been watching Deadwood. Sippin' whiskey at Hog and Rocks.

Leeloo would destroy all only if she's wearing this sweater

Got California plates today... Guess I won't be driving through Texas again any time soon.

I can now say I've had drinks made by robots.

I got a surprise today from a secret admirer! Gorgeous!

Unwinding to the smiths and David Bowie.

Mildly heavy electronics are no match for my noodle arms! Proof: cat in box.

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