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My office couch has arrived. There is a couch-party with and . This is real.

My office couch has arrived. There is a couch-party with and . This is real.

One gets the feeling Connecticut is more important to AT&T than Maine or Vermont.

My embattled wife responds to me responding to our new couch.

Great moments in random recurring error messages. Good work, Apple.

Flip through wedding photo drive reveals amazing meta-shot of & at cocktail hour.

My wife writes the industry's best editorial on the state of television.

So just submitted his Christmas report pitch. Shows a ton of promise, but needs more development.

See what I mean? Friendly language masks legal reality, almost every time. Even right next to each other.

To make the Instagram situation as clear as possible, the new terms are actually BETTER than the ones in place today.

I'll accept that criticism when Apple relabels the iOS accounts screen.

How not to get a job at The Verge, part one.

Holy crap Spotify what is this terrible cover for Every Day Is Halloween stop turning my youth into an ICP deep cut

Spotify I love you but are you kidding me with Flash for the web player?

BTW how infuriating is it that AT&T insists that it's "enabled" FaceTime on Wi-Fi? Handy explainer graphic:

And here's the half-lit Williamsburg Bridge to nowhere.

Manhattan looks so insane I couldn't resist the HDR temptation.

I don't usually go in for HDR, but Manhattan is irresistible right now.

See, he's on the ballot twi.. god just forget it. I'm abstaining now, okay?