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Skepchick party/wedding reception thus far the greatest evah!

Hey dummies, obviously that was ID4. Was showing screen size! Hi from paradise!

Screening tonight at skepchick party: ARMAGEDDON! It's a big screen

At the Peppermill for post-wedding shenanigans!

Just got hitched

Woo, lunch with the Skepchicks rawks!

TAM7 is packed!

Decorating the villa

By request. PS if 1 of U wants to give me a ride to southpoint at 11pm, the Internet will be at max radness. #tam7


Look what I won in the art auction!

Almost there! Check my sexy sleepy eye circles oh baby

About to get the last Skepchickcon party started

Getting on the evolution panel thru Skype!

Skepchick party still going strong with body shots galore.

Cootie pajama Klingon at the Skepchick party with buddy Christ

I'm on yer skepticism panel, tweetin yer convergence

At convergence on the Skepchick balcony! Exarch is fighting needs below