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Look at this fr piece on MBAs. Which school of thought is more in line w #CCSS/High Stakes Test regime?

Douchey comments on by Finance "Insider" douche. #whyIhatedworkinginFinance #reasonnumber234987498

More excited about this though: Boys in the Boat is a great read.

The Winklevii are going to be at Greenwich Library as part of Greenwich Reads Together. 10/14/14

. When I went to unsubscribe, I was on this list: wrote to BOE, Super asking how they got it #nojoy

RT : A must read by . on . YES>>>>>>>>>!!!!

Heckuva job on tech grant Bonding Commission! > #Hartford PS To FUSE: Return Missing Computers,0,5895798.story

And this, my friends, is why we study literature, not just non-fiction.

"Altruism": I do not thing this word means what she thinks it means.

. Look @ how Jumoke $ > per pupil than surrounding district schools. And look how well THAT turned out.

File under "EXTREMELY unfortunate headline placement" >>>>

If this is example of a regular Fox Viewer, it's not exactly surprising they don't take this srsly:

So far (as of when I took it) 4,012.

It appears "the 99%" don't like the Citizen's United decision....

Arrogance & billions: NOT who should be directing #education policy

"Isn't it ironic?" Educators Should Make Education Decisions,0,7301993.story

GREAT English teacher just posted on FB. Have steam coming out of my ears. et al, u have much to answer 4

Facebook worse than NSA. Just finished column, which includes quote fr Romeo & Juliet & mentions Citizen's United:

Daughter just texted me this from college. *wipes away tear of pride*

We have dogs? (BF is away visiting his sick mom). Actually, my dog bothers me while I'm working.