Meowski Catovitch


I am not a cat but I play one on the Internet.

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My fortune cookie:

You've bought a load of food, but maybe you also want some wine (maybe...), or a shovel (erm...) or some logs (um...)?

I want to go to bed, but this.

The camera noise has alerted her.

I got a Meowski on my back, purring loudly like she's just happy to be there. ^_^

We have a bed down here all the time as the cat likes it and it's easier than moving it each time.

Roll 1D20. If you score 17 or above you open the chest and collect the loot. Score lower and you must put all the dice up your ass. #SD&D

Help me decide who to dress up as this year. Cousin It, or Captaaaaain Caaaaaaaavemaaaaaan!

Stairway to cat heaven

Deploy emergency kitten photo!

Ermagad, Triple Castle! I have accomplished so much today before even getting out of bed.

Hello, I will be your lunch for this evening.

I'm a wizard! What was the point of these stupid hats?

"You'll have to work around me, I'm doing important cat maintenance here."

"Mousepad? Fuck you, I left you a bit, stop complaining."

No, kitty, you are a cat not a mouse! Lucky I accidentally bought two of these.

Found this girlie pink hairband with see through dice in the house after my black ones all broke. I can pull this off.

My current quest is to find a ring and string, then combine them into a monocle for this cat.

Cat's cleaning her tail right next to me, reaches the end of her tail and carries on to my arm, licking away <3

I never thought to show you my purple wall. Could do with repainting these days.

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