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If only I could grow a beard... Not that I necessarily want to, but I'd like that beard/no beard choice... Follow me for more of the same inane ramblings.

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I might be a tad biased here but dear godlessness he's gorgeous. So proud of my big sister! #NewBaby. #Squee!

I nicked this off Facebook:

Seems about right… #Livingwithcats

This is what I'm on about:

Anna and Gareth. Drinking like the crazy bastards they are!

Ack. Who's the twat that swigged from the dregs can?

Oops… I might just send them the 50p it would've cost me to park there, cos I'm good like that… #parkingcharge.

Another for ya. In Tesco this time. Witnessed more than one but only got this pic.

A pic of me. Sat in the living room. In a blackout. Whole town was out for a while there…

He sounds sorry…


I don't follow no motherfucking rules! #Bulmers.

I was furious last night but this morning #Lovefilm delivered /these/! Mood levels improving! #bigkid!

I have a sneaking suspicion my cat's trying to eat me… given half the chance! Scary ass motherfucker…

I got me a cat! Meet Coco, ladies and boys!

Thinking of taking this cat home with me. Got till the morning to decide. (He's Coco)

"No, you smell fine to me" #DunelmMill #funnies

The best before date on this bottle of Tesco sparkling water means I could've placed it in my 1,000 yr time capsule!

The reality: I could cry!

Expectations when someone on Facebook mentioned snow and asked if the busses would run today: