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Queen of the Zombies. SFX fabricator. Loves music, cats, tattoos, dinosaurs, astronomy, geology, comics, beards, camping. Autistically awesome. Opinions = mine.

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Attempted murder? Not love. Abuse? Not love. Hard work & patience is love. Acceptance is love. #WalkInIssysShoes

Yep. Awesome. Can't wait til this song is finished.

Are you here?!

Watching Corpse Bride, petting purring orange beast, ignoring fat white snoring white beast. Insomnia ain't so bad.

He knows I need to be up in >4 hrs so he jumps on lap, starts the purring. Moya... it's just 3 days. It'll be okay.

Just for ...

Look at this nonsense. Get over yourselves . ACCEPT your children and stop fighting against them. And us.

Much-needed Disney day yesterday with some of my closest friends. Dragged J along, too. Ankle hates me today, though.

Since some asked, this is what happened to my ankle last week (ER trip and all)... dislocated FTW!

Up to 12% on for the #SDCC party! Get limited Gris Grimly artwork while ya can!

And now I have this big man on my lap... waiting to fall asleep while I rub his shoulders and he drools on me <3

This what I look like in my natural setting with no makeup & messy hair. Still a better pic than OC Register got >:|

Proof I called the earlier one as a foreshock. DON'T DOUBT MY EARTHQUAKE PREDICTIONS PEOPLE.

Staff wristband? Check. Button maker? Check. Loud music? Check. Ability to stop drooling at guys? Uhm... problem.

Overwhelmed sitting amongst what a bunch of punks in a bar did. 21 deserving kids are going to be REALLY happy today.

Seeing this FUCKYESAWESOME picture made me realize my ex looks A LOT like Ian MacKaye. Fuck :|

That tall asshole right there? He's three back from the rail. Seven foot tall people do NOT need to be that close.

Have I mentioned I'm second in line for at ? Oh, okay. I am. (*squeeeeeeeeee*)

Dear #Comikaze attendees: If you see Tina Belcher wandering around tomorrow, I assure you... her crotch is not itchy.

First email in my inbox today? Fuck you, internet.