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is this not the freshest most delicious looking bed you've ever seen? COME TO REACHY EGYPTIAN COTTON!

hows about a rooftop BBQ?

i am very thankful for the view i have whilst working out. people watching >

my favourite part of this professor's website. note everything.

double mom tweets but HOW CUTE IS SHE? Oprah O earrings. damn.

text my mom with a tidbit of Teen Mom news. she comes back with this. and thats less than half. hahahah

my dad is such a boss

the reason for approx 40% of my anxiety

this guy is a long way from home


spiritual easter song

the cat drinks out of a mug with his own picture on it #ego

this is my ABSOLUTE FAVE beverage. it is slowly disappearing from stores. i just paid $4.15 for this. #SAD

my neighbor gave these to me last night because she's "not a flower person" #okay

homemade gluten free vegan protein juice milkshake with kale and prob avocado #kidding

lets all take a moment to appreciate my lock screen

mom sends another great text

just another great text from my mom

i get the BEST MAIL from my mom, period. complete with inspirational article torn out from O Magazine. #lovemymommy