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Fellow geek/gamer who loves everything tech, scifi-fantasy and energy drinks. FFXIV: (Neria Belmont of Balmung Server) FFXI: (Raynar of Sylph Sever).

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indeed. Sadly story has been so twisted that facts and fiction are lost. But best image for this.

nice XD

finally got around to listening this hidden gem and this track plus epoch dawn are awesome.

as soon as place it on safe mode it keeps happening with Google Apps.

Testing the lens blur from #Camera #pics #android #nexus #4

error message on the ps4 application. Also Vita version deeps making the screen dim..

lol at my local gas station #star #trek

Great shuffle -.o

My haul ass to work song! #final #fantasy #type-0

got still message when loading up a playlist.

hey big show thanks for visiting Steak ‘n Shake in Miami bro we big fans and hope to see you again!

thank you for dead or alive 5! I’m having so much fun right now. I look for to your DLC! #doa5 #ps3

Cold weather in #Miami

Shes redesign for the better :P

Well Dolan Set is done I got everything but the weapons and shields. #AION

Funny how the new dynasty skins look awesome. It's profitable for kinah xD #AION

New Character design for my toon since my return to AION. So far I'm happy with new the features.