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The expressions on their faces are simply the living end! We must have a movie night sometime soon.

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Haven't looked at the #exchangerate today. It'd better be worth converting from #Eurolove to #UKlove!

  • 1558 days ago via site
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and take a break from singing their hearts out for the world. Aw bless! Recording sessions are always great fun to vicariously take part in.

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The first bite is with the eye. The second noms up all the tiramisu in the local area! I'm so eating at Ask again.

  • 1686 days ago via site
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Not sure what was in my ravioli, apart from it lacking meat and having sage in it. It tasted like buttered eggs.

  • 1686 days ago via site
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It's not just green things - there were some red and yellowy things. Hm, it's 2300, must be eat time again.

  • 1708 days ago via site
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Curious giant astronomical body seen in the skies baffles experts worldwide! What can it all mean?!

  • 1714 days ago via site
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Damn, now I can't see Philip Burton on #Primeval without expecting him to tear off his face, revealing himself to be from a divergent timeline of present day.

  • 1773 days ago via site
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Apparently the ichthyosaur has to find a new home, but no-one can remember how it was transported last time.

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It all looks pretty easy... Uh-oh. where am I going to get 7 virgins to sacrifice at this time on a Sunday? I might be in with a chance if there was a comic convention on somewhere close by. Ah well!

  • 1856 days ago via site
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What do you think, should I try an "Autonomously Animated Cadaver" spell from this rare 19th century tome? There's a handy graveyard just across the road.

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One of my basils flowered today! Pretty white herb-flowers!

  • 1889 days ago via site
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Doubt much's changed since the 50s. RT I am so glad I read Step 1 of How To Survive Nuclear Attack

  • 1919 days ago via site
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You get a more polite, notifying class of evil alien killing machines in this part of the country.

  • 1934 days ago via site
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One for 60s #doctorwho fans like you. The "if the show is extended" bit cracks me up. I love optimism!

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