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The parking lot of SuperTarget in Richfield is just about full up. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Needed a warmup! :-D #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Not surprisingly, parking at MOA is overflowing into Ikea. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

I know y'all wanted to see this-even if you won't admit it ;-) #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Walmart in Bloomington looks pretty lively...but then this walmart often is. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Southtown shopping center. IIRC last year they had cops managing traffic. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Lane Bryant across from SuperTarget looks positively lonely. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

For SuperTarget in Edina. Parking lot is packed but store does not seem to be. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Southdale Mall in Edina is almost to capacity parking #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

This is where I bought the eyeshield for my helmet. Just now they lent me a wrench to tighten my mirror.

First stop: my dealer for sta-bil and a battery tender. #ScooterBitchBlackFriday

Drove the car up to Thanksgiving dinner. Rode the scooter to Walgreen's after I got home! :-D #ScooterBitch #HappyTDay

This is also what 37 looks like.

For all of the youth-centric folks in the world...this is what 37 looks like.

Last shot of #OccupyMinnesota before I get on the train

#OccupyMinnesota is delightfully mild-mannered and peaceful!

Scooter party while the humans have to work all day.

I thought the dealership was supposed to be here a half hour ago to pick her up for inpatient treatment...

referred to this as premature information.

Cosmo is coming home today!

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