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lol! here's the "before" picture :)

dry run to see if the new dishwasher works (ie no leaks, no shorts) - so far so good :)

“We want aloo gobhi for breakfast!” #sheesh #NPRlisteningtofuburpinghippietoddlers

I love kids

lol - a man's gotta eat :) hey guess what else I got thanks to some timely peer pressure last week:

best. present. ever.

some seriously dark & foreboding sky over my house right now #cloudofunknowing #fetchmeaMerlin

4 my monotheist / Christian / Catholic pals - if U haven't come across this gem yet, grab it, it's priceless:

colleague sends this cartoon abt the situations often faced by parents of kids w special needs #parenting #ABA

moments ago, Thing 1 managed 2 extract 1 last snowman from last week's dusting

hey look who I just found in the washer (squeaky clean now)

Thing 2 checking out the penguins at the New England Aquarium

Thing 1 grabbing a starfish at the aquarium

misleading; myth is not the opposite of reality, myth is internal reality narrativized & culturally dispersed

sure gonna miss this

good morning, ocean

haecceity http://is.gd/6bCETJ like a human life, no other piece of coral exactly like this one #beachphilosophy

never gets old

highlight of Epcot evening: delicious dinner & margaritas at Epcot plus fireworks

snapped a picture of this little rascal at the butterfly garden yesterday

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