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  • 1490 days ago via site
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According to , I should buy this T-Shirt from TeeFury. Considered it purchased!

  • 1491 days ago via site
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My signed "Bombcast" poster arrived today. Will be hanging it up later tonight.

  • 1493 days ago via site
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I know this might send a mixed message, but I promise, I treat both of these franchises the same. #MW3 #BF3

  • 1496 days ago via site
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I'm not Batman, but today, I'll definitely be playing as him. Nice comic I received from Amazon as well. -

My Astro A30's arrived a day earlier than scheduled. Very nice build quality on these. Kudos to !

  • 1509 days ago via site
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My #GearsOfWar "COG" tags have arrived. -

A PlayStation Network advertisement on ? That seems....a bit out of place. :)

  • 1516 days ago via site
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Look what arrived from FedEx - the new Tritton Detonator headset. Looking forward to trying it out. ()

  • 1530 days ago via site
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My last tweet of the day. #Gears3 has arrived! -

Why is "Xbox Dashboard" burned into my TV?

Watching some split screen college football right now - thanks to the awesome ESPN Xbox Live app. -

  • 1550 days ago via rowi
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In case people were curious, this is what the #GearsOfWar3 controller looks like. It does have the twisty d-pad.

  • 1561 days ago via rowi
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Anybody interested in a review of this controller? -

  • 1565 days ago via rowi
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  • 1584 days ago via site
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According to Xbox LIVE Rewards I use my Xbox 360 a lot. That's for gaming and entertainment.

  • 1584 days ago via site
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#GearsOfWar shirt and a #GreenLantern wallet; Yeah, I'm sort of a nerd. -

  • 1595 days ago via rowi
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It's time to cast some spells, and play some football. Who's with me? -

  • 1601 days ago via rowi
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