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Founder, Winemaker, Terroirist/Vinarchist and Prez-for-Life @BonnyDoonVineyd, Defender of Misunderstood and Underappreciated Doon-trodden Cépages of the Earth

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Newly planted (almost) small Pinot vyd. Black tubing in place to irrigate at depth first year, then they're on their own.

Picture from the planting front. Rain has stopped for the moment but I for one am already soaked.

: Have you meet our sheep?http://yfrog.com/1usheepatwallula1ij
Have you met our goats?

Last relic of ancien régime (Era of Big House) being dismantled as winery building is repainted

Disbudding Pinot rootings in the wind tunnel that is the Salinas Valley. Ginormous job; vines, however must go deep.

Chilling at Cellar Door with the artist and who brought her bag o' tricks.

So odd you should compare green fluid to Chartreuse. Had precisely that conversation with mechanic

So odd you should compare green fluid to Chartreuse. Had precisely that conversation with mechanic

Repair of green fluid leak in citroen proceeding amain. The dangling bit is the new hydraulic hose.

Visit to Citroën hospital. Leaking green fluid. The car, that is.

They may not look like much at this pt but here are Pinot rootings we will plant next week at San Juan.

You have to look very closely to see flock of wild turkeys who greeted us at site of new San Juan Bautista vyd.

Tempting gastronomic options at DFW. Sarcasm unbecoming, Randall.

Lovely meal tonight with new friends Deirdre and Caleb. Dramatic bonfire in the snow.

Morning chores . Taking out the cat.

This photo just barely captures the dimension and scope of the definitive Cigare vertical at Hearth

Philly wonderfully softened by accumulation of snow.

It's 12:45 a.m. Do you know where all of your large format Cigare bottles are? Hint:Terroir Wine Bar.

A relatively modest percentage of glasses to be poured tonight; a Borgesian encyclopedia of Cigares Volants.

It is spring (or at least spring-lite) here in Santa Cruz. First asparagus poking out, twisted, like much in the Cruz