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Founder, Winemaker, Terroirist/Vinarchist and Prez-for-Life @BonnyDoonVineyd, Defender of Misunderstood and Underappreciated Doon-trodden Cépages of the Earth

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Grapevine and oak tree duking it out for survival. My money's on the oak. Note sulfur dust stll present on leaves. Careful!

Production model of top-secret magnetic stirring device, demonstrated by Nicole in parking lot of New Leaf Mkt

Daughter Melie and her pal, Eva, climbing up river bed on nature hike with agility of lemurs.

Successfully finished Pommeau ice cream, added coarse salt for texture. Best ever.

Extraordinary banyan tree in Ala Moana park,Waikiki.

Two species that should not share the same habitat.

Somebody's been chewing on these grapevines. #whycantthelittle#€£%#erspreferentiallyeatpoisonoak?

Chef Charlie Parker and Kenny from Lonely Mt. Farm, talking potatoes from the back of a truck. Love this business.

Temperature gauge invariably illuminated when passing through Paso Robles. A message? OLD CAR LIKE OLD TELEGRAM STOP

A view of the new Pinot noir plantation. Very closely spaced (.6x 1.0 m), northeast exposure. What could go wrong?

Weather station at San Juan B., on top of what is tentatively "grenache village." Still sorting out what will be grown where.

Totally spaced out the photos of San Juan (this was 6 weeks prior). Vines doing well, mostly well out of milk cartons

He'll on wheels, I'm afraid. Everytime a kid hits the deck, heart stops.

Thoroughly prepared for onslaught, willing to risk repetitive stress disorder, signing scores of books

Walking streets of London, saw lovely vertical garden. Maybe God's way of telling developer he has too much £££?

In the Decanter offices the other day, delighted to find office suites named after typefaces. One of my faves-Garamond

Possibly the greatest Grenache that no one (hardly anyone) has ever tasted.

A view of the Dentelles from the #Grenache conference. Complete paradise here, esp. for entomologist.

Dentelles de Montmirail espied en route to #Grenache conference. More insect life in S. France than 1 can conceive

Oops. Forgot to include photo of Clos de Reynard. M & S personnel threw a running tackle when they saw me shooting