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I'm ready!  

  • 342 days ago via Plume
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Finally about to see #OnlyLoversLeftAlive, already feel like its going to be my favorite film this summer. #Jarmusch

  • 364 days ago via Plume
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Is this your idea of "no foam", mr barrista?! ORLY?! Grrr

  • 818 days ago via Plume
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Why does Jens Grams have a collection of ROLLING PINS?? ps yes I'm live tweeting the #dawsonscreek pilot, deal with it.

  • 822 days ago via Plume
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  scrappy! Aka Beardy Weirdy aka Mimi aka Meems aka Mia 6.5 lbs and 4 3/4 months!

  • 824 days ago via Plume
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Pretty much sums it up.

  • 835 days ago via Plume
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It's on!!


Having so much fun!

Mila Kunis ! <3

Seth Mcfarlane

Mark Wahlberg, I promise.

Waiting for to rescue me with the car. #flattire

Theres also a sofa and an atm. #okenoughaboutthelaundromat

Doing laundry just got about 5 million times more fun. #pacman #awesomelaundrymat


Seen in Venice, CA. #streetart #print #cholobama

Baseball Theme! #worktweet

Willie Mays is here, #love my life!

Mini cat attack!

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