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Director of Technology & Innovation- Canby, OR... father, husband, ADE, tinkerer, thinkerer, coffee drinker, occasional raconteur, EdD student

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Congrats to Oregon City SD Tech team on their #acepnw #acpe13 Reddy Kilowatt Innovation & Imagination 2013 award!

Dr. Mimi Ito schooling crowd at #acpe13 #acepnw making stronger connections b/t in-school & out-of-school learning

The Canby tech team back in action for a third session at #acpe13 Well done, great info shared today!

Dan holding court as Ben looks on at #acpenw session number two of three. #ittakesavillage

Myron and Dan kicking their second session in the teeth at #acpenw Well done, gentlemen.

My Canby technology team rocks. Just sayin'. Proud of them today at #acpenw

Incredible spring day in Oregon. Wow.

Sunny day in Oregon. Love it! #rainrainstayaway

In other news, Nando helps make the waffles for breakfast this morning...

Just saw this poster in my professor's office. I love the snark at the end.

More incredible presos from Eccles Elem students for OAtS at U. She's answering q's, holding court.

Awesome presentations from Eccles Elem students for OAtS at U.

Another pic for simple mobile device management at the classroom level: parking spots

It's the "new school" classroom job chart: iPod cart has its own category. :-)

Math Studio work at Carus today. Great work!

"Kite Injury"- I had forgotten how fun the newspaper could be. This is news?

Divergent thinking from Nando today: who says tangrams have to be two dimensional?

Lorenzo gets his orange stripe belt tonight at TKD...

Nando's jet pack, the latest art project
#wow #welldone

Another math shot, stop motion style, ordering decimals by value. #edtech

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