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It's the Christmas season indeed ☺ Good morning! #WeLoveWednesdays

Double rainbows on your last day. Thank you, Ate Fae! We love you so, so much and we'll miss you forever ♥

Super tasty strawberry muffins!!! ♥

Cheers to the busy sem ahead ♥

Now Starr's ☺ Sweetness. Feel so blessed ☺

Apple Cinnamon muffins ♥ The best Ate Kookie's done so far ☺ Awesome pre-birthday cupcakes! Thank you so much!!!

Ate with the lovely gift from the U-14s and U-16s ☺ Thank you for the ice cream treat!! ♥♥

Cupcakes with melted chocolate inside and my very own frosting! ☺ #proud HS kids finished them! #ohyeah #Yayiesbirthday

Choco hazelnut and mallows ☺ #Starrs It's been a long week! One last, and it's over!!!

So when you're feeling like UP is killing you, remember how happy you were when you got this letter:

Because it's our lovely lola's day ♥ Happy birthday, Mama! You're the best ☺ #homemade #redvelvet

My Saturday just got better ♥ Thank you, tita Jess! Thank you Gawad Kalinga! ♥ "Stepping up to the challenge" ☺

Put Keebler & bread w/ nutella together in the oven and ta-dah! sweetness in the morning! ☺☺

This half-pound burger from The Snack Shack!! It's cheap and very good ;) #musttry ☆☆☆☆☆

Sunday lunch with the family ♥ #goodtime

Saturdate ☺ #goodtime

#ArmageddoninBosworth #Fingerzilla I've never enjoyed destroying cities until this came along :)))

It's more clingy in the Philippines! :)) blurry but these kids are so cute:P I'm glad the man between them isn't pissed

I didn't know I had all this rubbish in my wallet!! I even found change & some bills in between the papers #messy :))

I think this is funny & cute :)) #PinoyCups and the side has check boxes whether you're having TSAA, GATAS, KAPE, etc.