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i love justin bieber. i havesupported hom since the beggining and will support him till the end. i hope to meet him one day. :)

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Yum! you jealous? Lol jk 

There is like no one in the e.r. waiting room. :/

FaceTime with Carol :)

This is what you use when you get your ANKLE stepped on in gym and don't have a icepack :)

YUM! I bet you wish you had one! Lol jk!

Pjs and new hair! 

I got the new boobies bracelet :)


I thought when the bar was full it was done loading? Stupid virtual piano! I <33 my background :)

<3333 miss and love you!!!

Slice my knuckles stapling my poster on my wall... Your jealous of my blue band-aids! :) <3

Your jealous of my background ;) I <333

Wearing my Bieber pant to school.

I think I'm to big for the couch!

To the person who PUNCHED look what you did! You left Selena in TEARS and made Justin FROWN!

Isn't it so nice out!

my Bieber-fied outfit.Idk if you can read it but on the right leg of my pants it say Bieber

YUM!!! Strawberry cupcake! <333

do you like my Bieber jeans?

U didn't make a shirt but I made jeans. But they are not done yet.

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