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My new baby! My baking is going to be outta control. And 80000 times easier and better and faster and more awesome.

Oh haay puppy!

There's something deeply satisfying about mowing the lawn.

Beautiful fall morning on the farm. Perfect for visiting the munchkins and devouring The Free World #fridayreads

Good end to the day. #stressbaking

We Geertsemas don't need fancy to be happy. Mmm.

Mmk, cinnamon bun from Ueno to start this Friday off the right way.

The ceiling!

This came in the mail for M&S. I'm a little afraid to open it.

The back side of my parents' new digs. My dad keeps saying "it's smaller than I expected."

I love that I have the hot new releases up at my desk.

Newest addition to my new releases shelf up here at the front desk. I've been waiting for this since January.

#Pubfight begins! And I got the first title- Ondaatje FTW!

Not sure what imma do today... Swim out to the jumping rocks? Seadoo? Tan on the water trampoline?

Special thanks to the sun this weekend:

So hot at the game!

Here's to hoping I don't get hit by lightning while out here on the lawnmower....

Checkered rhinos look good on you, baby!

Dear perfect weekend: please never end.

Peonies from my aunt! So so lovely.

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