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They say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

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Happy birthday, . By the way, this is a bruise I have on my arm from when you punched me last week.

This is Alexa giving me the silent treatment...OK.

This is what cool looks like, right?

And this.

What I live with pretty much.

My life pretty much.

Special thanks to 's dad and Tim Martin for fixing my care.

So basically I'm set for college, right?

I like this weather because I can combine shirts and pants and scarves together and not know/care if they match. (:

The old advanced art room, guys...

My books for my honors philosophy course came in the mail today. I'm intimidated to say the least.

Look! It's child labor aka making my sister do my chores.

Got my spring part of the yearbook in the mail today. This is bawling during the vespers ceremony.<3

Can anybody tell me if this is like a stickbug thing on my car or am I just delirious?

Merry-go-round pic with lolol

Swings pic with

How inappropriate was it of me to take a mirror selfie from the side at a funeral home? lol

I just really love my sister.

I like deer

Hey look! It's our new fridge! C: #27moredays