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From A. I can't tell you how much I wanted this. #Buffy #PropsAndStuff

New birthday shoes & socks. They make my Big Ol' 11's look like teensy 7's. #NotThatItMatters

Wish y'all could smell this. It's so profoundly Rose-At-Its-Peak-Fragrance.

For bacon lovers everywhere. ; ] Apropos of not that, Smokehouse is across from Warner Bros.

This place is so old-timey Hollywood - or what's left of it: 1946. #Smokehouse

Plate 2.5, I guess... and I'm spent. ; ]

: Jeez. The Smokehouse breakfast buffet is *nuts*. Plate #1... well, and a half, I guess.

#Joss makes #Fallon laugh - I actually don't remember how. ; ]

This continues to be a source of both pleasure & pain, when I think of the STUPID ASS stuff I tweet. :facepalm:

Is that chicken? Chicken is *totes* one of my faves. You gonna eat all that? Because I haven't eaten for *days*.

SHOE TALK: BTW, these are what I ended up ordering yesterday. #HappyCamper

I think it must be a family secret so well-kept that me Mum said I was crazy. #ButIDunno ...

I dunno even what this does and I. Want. One. #AgentsOfSHIELD #CoulsonLives

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Chameleon Cat. #ProtectiveColoration

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... and *no*, you did not get any. #HardOutHereForACat

Yes, there was meat in my sandwich...